Sunday, December 28, 2008

Disney Christmas card

Walt Disney began issuing corporate Christmas cards in the early 1930s. Beginning in the late 30s the cards often promoted the current or soon to be released animated feature film. This post shows the 1943 card.

The images come to us via my friend Lance Fontenot, who owns a near complete run of Disney corporate Christmas cards.


Bob Cowan said...

- A very nice piece! It would be nice to see more of Mr. Fontenot's collection...

- Happy Holidays to you and thanks for sharing all that you do during the year!


DisneyDave said...

Thanks for the kind comments Bob. Your animation site is pretty awesome too!

To see some more Disney corporate Christmas cards please visit my other blog:

To access Bob Cowan's excellent blog, please visit my vintage Disney collectibles site and click on the link to the Cowan Collection.